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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

Making bread with the bread machine

Homemade bread

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Why change the recipes? Because I want to put less brewer's yeast in the dough, or even put in the sourdough or carryover dough.

The bread that comes out according to the standard recipes is a bit bland, almost sweet, which I find good in the morning for breakfast with honey. If you're expecting the taste of baker's bread, we're a long way off.
So if we have to change something, and get closer to the nice tasty bread we have to eliminate the brewer's yeast in favor of the carryover dough or mother yeast, and increase the salt.

Once this is done, we can also remove everything and leave the dough to rise slowly in the machine for the whole night.

In the morning at this point we can restart the car with the Program 1. [White], who will knead everything again at least a couple of times and within a maximum of 4 and 10 hours will prepare the white bread.

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Recipes for Decorated bread:
Taralli n'zogna e pepe (Lard and Pepper with Almonds)
Stencil decorated bread

Recipes for Sweets:


Dearest Pat I would like to understand: what depends on the fact that bread made with 0 flour and manitoba is beautiful and fragrant but when you eat it it is tiramolla! What happen? Geazie and a warm greeting Catherine from Venice

Manitoba flour is extremely rich in gluten, therefore it needs very long maturation times. If this is not the case, the gluten does not mature, the gluten network is still too strong (the structure does not break up into smaller and easily digestible segments) and the crumb remains rubbery. In this case, either you have to lengthen the rising times by decreasing the yeast or decrease the amount of Manitoba.

Thanks for your detailed answer, in fact the last loaves I made had a lot of poolish made with the five pseudo refreshments and therefore very active. I will try & # 39 to put less. Thank You very much! Catherine of Venice

Dear Pat, I have a doubt that gnaws at me and so I ask you this question: in your recipes you talk about refreshed and spry licoli to add to the dough. To refresh my licoli I make 5 pseudo-refreshments (from Il Pasto Nudo) and then find myself with the dose I need for bread making. Doubt is your licoli is refreshed in my way? Also because after 5 refreshments mine becomes a very active poolish and therefore I don't know if I have to put less than the dose you indicate in the recipe (.) I would like to know what you think, I hope I have explained myself well, Confident in your clarification I thank you and greet Catherine of Venice

I don't do the 5 pseudo refreshments, but using it and refreshing it constantly it is still in good shape. I do not know what to answer because I have never tried that method in reality.

I forgot to clarify my licoli is 130% hydrated and has always been refreshed with Manitoba flour. Thanks Catherine from Venice

Hi Pat and congratulations on the blog. A truly valuable resource. I have a doubt that I would like to talk to you and the users of the blog. I follow with interest various sources on the subject, you, Vittorio, Bonci, the naked meal, Bongiovanni, etc. .. I have not yet found a solution to my doubt. I explain. Lately I am very satisfied with the yield of my bread the only thing I would like to change is the rubberiness of the crumb. Dough with different flours mixed or pure, durum wheat, integral sieve and sieve from the Marino mill, licoli refreshed and rested until doubled (3 4 hours), and on average 70% of water. I stopped doing autolysis to develop less gluten. I mix with 10-20% of licoli, fold a few times, let it mature from 18 to 20 hours in the cold, mold, let the dough resume at room temperature, cook. It is good, beautiful, with uniform honeycomb, crunchy crust, but chewy crumb. Yet I use little yeast, rather weak flours, long maturations. In addition, the acidity of the yeast is low and should not preserve the structure of the gluten too much. Seeking advice. Thank you all.

you leave me speechless, because it shouldn't with the times and procedures you follow. Hydrolysis also helps you to increase the maturation time, not only to develop gluten with less processing, I would reinsert it since you use flours that hold up well for a long time (I speak of long hydrolysis 5-10 hours). Then the hydrolysis stimulates amaliasis and proteases, enzymes that help break down gluten and make it less chewy. Let me know! Pat

Hello and thanks for the reply. I am also perplexed. Uhm. I have always made autolysis long, I do it when I refresh the yeast so about 4 hours before, I will try to re-insert it and I will definitely let you know.

Dear Pat, I use one of your recipes with a preference: I use about de thirds of type 2 stone ground flour and a third of 0 flour for bread making. sometimes i make the prefermento in the morning and knead in the evening, put in the fridge and bake the next morning after taking the dough out of the fridge at least a couple of hours before. I put the saucepan of water, spray the strands (2) with the sprayer, I tried to cook both in a ventilated oven (pizza program) and static oven, both by baking at high temperature, and at 160 & # 176 as you say. I also leave the door slightly open the last 10 & # 39. In short, between your advice and those of Vittorio, I followed them all. The problem is that the bread has a nice crunchy crust while it is still in the oven but as soon as it cools the crust gets & quotammoscia & quot, I tried to cool it quickly by putting it on the balcony but it doesn't work, also the crumb is & quotsoft / wet & quot; until the next day. As I have already told you I use the & quotpasta di carryover & quot; without brewer's yeast. Where am I wrong? Grz of the time you want to dedicate to me, bn Paola work

you tried to let it cool inside the oven, on the grate with the door half open, so that the humidity comes out better and dries more! You leave it in there until it's cold let me know Pat

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Free Cooking Recipes is a constantly updated practical collection of recipes.
It is possible to select the recipes by category from the following available:

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Cereal bread

To prepare wholemeal bread, crumble the brewer's yeast in a small bowl and cover it with warm water from what you have available as per recipe 1. Also add the malt (or sugar) and melt everything. In the remaining water, dissolve the salt 2 and add the oil 3.

Pour the wholemeal flour into a bowl, then add the yeast mixture 4, mix and add the water with the dissolved salt and oil 5. Knead well until the ingredients are combined, then transfer to a pastry board and knead vigorously for at least 5-10 minutes, until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous 6.

Brush a large bowl with very little oil and place the mixture obtained inside 7. Cover with cling film and put everything to rise in the oven off but with the light on for at least 1 hour and a half or two. The dough will have to double its volume. After the necessary time, take the wholemeal flour dough and knead it until you get a loaf or a loaf (depending on your taste) and trying to pull the dough so that the closure ends up at the bottom of the chosen shape 8. Do not make flat and fluffy shapes, but rather try to give rounded and well-stretched shapes, so that during the leavening they do not tend to grow sideways flattening further, but rather expand in height. Place the wholemeal bread on a dripping pan lined with parchment paper and cover it with a glass bowl or cling film and put it back to rise until doubled in volume (preferably in the oven with the light on). When the bread is ready, make transversal cuts on the surface 9 with the knife and bake it in a preheated static oven at 180 degrees for about 45-50 minutes remove the wholemeal bread from the oven when it is slightly golden on the surface!

BREAD WITHOUT LEAVENING WITH POTATOES IN THE DOUGH, SOFT BREAD TO MAKE AND ROLL! Serve it for lunch or dinner! If you have boiled potatoes try it! Recipe with only 5 ingredients! Fill this bread with any of your favorite ingredients: cold cuts, cheeses, white meat such as chicken or strips and much more! A bread appreciated by everyone, young and old you will see! Excellent and [...]

OLIVES AND TOMATOES BREAD RECIPE WITHOUT DOUGH BAKED IN A POT, a high, soft and tasty bread without any effort. I used a 24 cm pot with a lid suitable for the oven, you can also use a pan, be careful the lid must not have plastic parts. If you don't like bread with too much crumb, just use a larger pan. [...]

How to make bread with a bread machine

Here is the Ariete express 750 bread machine

you can buy the bread machine 25% less!

First of all, insert the plug and insert the weighed ingredients in order: water, oil, salt, sugar, flour and yeast:

Then activate the chosen program, in this case 4 French breads of 750 gr automatically on the display will appear the number of hours necessary for the realization (about 4 hours)

From that moment the machine will work for you, alternating moments of kneading at rest, then leavening and finally cooking!

It will warn you with a trill when the bread is ready!

Finally, unhook the basket:

Then turn it upside down and the bread will come off immediately. Score the base with a knife and take out the small kneading blade

Reassemble and serve yours Bread with bread machine!

As soon as it is cold, immediately seal it in cling film. This way it will keep for 3 days!

Bread: all the recipes to prepare it at home

The scent and goodness of homemade bread freshly baked they have no equal: one of the most popular foods in the world and the most loved ever, especially in Italy.

Made with infinite shapes and prepared in as many ways, depending on the country or region: based on milk, water, with or without oil, with wholemeal flours or enriched with dried fruit, the imagination has no limits when it comes to bread.

In this section we offer you many recipes to prepare it at home and some tips to avoid making mistakes and making an excellent dough, for a soft or crunchy bread, to be served as it is or to be stuffed to make it even more delicious.

Homemade bread

Bread in a crate

Bread without dough

Gluten-free bread

Buckwheat bread, homemade in just a few steps, is perfect to cut into slices on which to spread our jam or spread.

I know it's hot, it's okay to eat lots of vegetables and fruit, but there's nothing I can do about it when I want to make myself a nice hot plate of Sausage and beans :-), if you want you can cool it down a bit, but I prefer it nice and warm.
It is not a very elaborate dish so you do not suffer much from being in the kitchen, the sausages are very tasty, if there is garlic in the dough all the better, for the beans you can use the canned ready-made ones, but if you want to use dry ones, remember to soak them the night before, then you have to cook them at least forty-five minutes to get a good dish of Sausage and beans.

Preparation time:
About 1 hour with canned beans

Sausage and beans it is prepared like this, in a pan put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a couple of crushed cloves of garlic and brown a little, now take the sausages cut them into large pieces, add them to the pan and brown for six or seven minutes.
At this point, take beans, whether you use the ready-made ones or those you have prepared yourself, and put them together with the sausages, let them flavor for a few minutes, add a few sprigs of rosemary at the end.
Now add the peeled tomatoes in a whisk or if you prefer the tomato puree, add salt and pepper and cook for at least another forty-five minutes.

Sausage and beans they are excellent if cooked in an earthenware pan, this recipe is cooked a lot in Tuscany, they are called beans all'uccelletto with sausage, so there the crock is widely used, they release indescribable aromas, they use cannellini beans, they put sage in the place the rosemary and add a pinch of red pepper. Good recipes, to everyone -).

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